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Existing Non Motor Customers

Make a claim

Figuring out how to make a claim and how it may affect you can be difficult. Naturally we hope you won’t have any accidents of misfortune, but if you do, the following advice might be useful.

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Policy Documents:

Commericial Package Wordings

Office Policy Wordings - (Legacy Office Policy Wordings)
Shop Policy Wordings - (Legacy Shop Policy Wordings)
Small Business Combined Policy Wordings
Properties Owners Policy Wordings

Commericial Package Policy Summary

Office Cover Policy Summary
Shops Cover Policy Summary
Small Business Policy Summary

Commercial Property Claim Forms

Commercial Property Claim Form

Commercial Property Wordings

Property Policy Wordings

Commercial Property Policy Summary

Property Cover Policy Summary

Liability Claim Forms

Public Liability Accident Report Form
Employers Liability Accident Report Form

Liability Policy Wordings

Mono Liability Policy Wording

Marine Claim Forms

Marine Claim Form

Marine Policy Wordings

Cargo Throughput Solutions Policy Wording
Freight Solutions Policy Wording
Haulage Solutions Policy Wording

Engineering Policy Wordings

CAR Policy Wording
CAR Project/Specific Policy Wording
JCT Clause 6.5.1 Policy Wording
Erection All Risks/Construction Plant Policy Wording
Computers/Electronics Policy Wording
Machinery Policy Wording